Nakamura Shuto, a pair of red and gold sake bottles with sparrows

Nakamura Shuto   中村 秋塘

rust & gold bamboo sparrow sake bottle

size : diameter about 2.2cm body diameter about 8.8cm height about 16cm

condition : very good

The exquisite art style of Nakamura Shuto was the true value of Enuma Kutani, proud of its elegance. This work is exactly as it is, and it is finished in fine rust & gold.

It is guessed that a sparrow is going to return to the nest in the bamboo. The composition is amazing and this work is a skillful one that is characteristic of a master craftsman.

Towards the mouth of the bottle, a pattern of waves and bamboo woven in a lattice pattern is delicately drawn, and at the lower part, the pattern of the feathers is also elaborately finished.

The inscription is slightly smaller “Kutani” and at the left size “Shuo”. The name of Shuto means the creator of the branded product “Kutani ware”. It is said that such inscription style was started by Kutani Shozo.

creator about Nakamura Shuto   中村 秋塘

The first Nakamura Shuto 1865-1928

The first Nakamura Shuto was born in Daisho-ji town. In 1877, when he was 12 years old, he succeeded his father, Shichiro, who was good at Hachiro-te (fine red painted drawing prime at the last Edo period).The following year, Shuto entered the private school for pottery art, which was founded to teach the pottery method, and learned pottery from Takeuchi Ginshu with his belief that pottery art should be deepened.

Based on these experiences and achievements, Shuto inherited his father’s belief and extensively researched various pottery techniques and demonstrated his outstanding skills in red painting. The exquisite art style of Shuto was the true value of Enuma Kutani, proud of its elegance. This sake bottle” is exactly the work that expresses the value concretely.

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date of exhibition 2019.9.30
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