Mitsui Tamekichi, revered ko-kutani plate

Mitsui Tamekichi  三ツ井 為吉

Revered Ko-kutani plate with pattern of paved stones (石畳文)

size : diameter about 27 cm height about 3.8-3.5 cm (due to distortion)

condition : very good (other than distortion)

This work is like a work of agglomeration of color paintings of ko-kutani. Tamekichi learned kutani gosai from the first Tokuda Hachikichi who was one of researchers from ko-kutani. It is a masterpiece of ko-kutani that seems to be mistaken for a moment with the five colored hands of ko-kutani, such as the Chinese style landscape, and the harmonious pattern of paved stones and kiso flower unique to ko-kutani.

People and flowers are drawn in five colors in the mikomi (center part of plate or bowl) surrounded by pattern of paved stones. I don’t know if the picture of two of the Tang people is a well-drawn one of the farewell with their best friend, but this work creates an atmosphere that seems to be Ko-kutani.

On the back side, the connecting pattern is drawn like Ko-kutani. The mikomi extends like a bowl toward the lip, and the lip is 3cm wide and warped outward. This shape is very similar to the two-staged bowl in the large flat bowl of Ko-kutani.

A big surprise is the fact that the inscription “Kutani / Tamekichi” is written in the double square instead of “double square fortune” like Ko-kutani. That is why it is the work of Tamekichi ’s passion for trying to express a strong reverence to Ko-kutani.

“Tamekichi” is written on the lid of special box (共箱) for this work. It is an interesting point together with the inscription “Kutani / Tamekichi”.

about creator Mitsui Tamekichi  三ツ井 為吉

Mitsui Tamekichi was born in 1886 and died in 1958. Just as he learned from one of the masters of Meiji Kutani, the first Tokuda Hasokichi, Tamekichi’s works can be seen in the style of reverence to Ko-kutani which was a field in Meiji Kutani. Therefore, Tamekichi’s works were purchased with masterpieces by Kanazawa’s long-established store, Kaburagi store and sold mainly in Japan as export Kutani narrowed.


reference № 18081204
date of exhibition 2019.10.1
selling & buying under consideration