Asai Ichimo, gold and white teapot with sparrows and bamboos

Asai  Ichimo      浅井 一毫

gold and white teapot with sparrows and bamboos

size: width (longest) about 9.4cm height (from the lid to the bottom) about 8cm

condition:tea around the rim, partial peeling of gold

On the pure white body, the branches and nodes of the bamboos and the leaves are drawn powerfully and beautifully in gold, and a sparrow flying between the bamboo and the bamboo is drawn. But the scene does not be drawn glaringly and gold color is melted in the white background. Rather, it is neatness.

Three sparrows are drawn in this work, but the groundwork of the sparrow is red, and on it the wings and eyes are drawn in gold. Probably, it is thought that the technique of Japanese lacquer was applied to drawing.

On the lower left side of the handle of teapot is written “Sosentei”. It is said that “Sosen-tei” was given by a high nobility in 1866. In 1868, when Daishoji clan opened a trading company in Kyoto and Osaka, Ichimo built a kiln in Osaka and worked on product production and expansion of its sales channels. It is thought that Ichimo had contact with the nobility.

A history about this work is affixed to the back of the special box. The person who gave this teapot wrote in black ink brush “Meiji nine years … Mr. XX teacher’s homecoming … ” It seems that this teapot was the one of the tea set.

about creator  asai  ichimo   浅井 一毫

About the creator of this work, pleas search “collection of Asai Ichimo and his history.”

reference № 18092713
date of exhibition 2019.10.2
selling & buying under consideration