about the Kutani Ceramics Website

Strangely, “THE KUTANI CERAMICS WEBSITE” is an overseas site for guide of kutani. It is creditable that the website is the only comprehensive website about kutani in the world.

The database of this website covers almost items about kutani including history, painting style, kilns, potters, their signatures, and thousands of information and photos about kutani are accumulated and regularly updated. The users could expect to get extremely useful information from this website. So “web gallery Meiji kutani” recommends “THE KUTANI CERAMICS WEBSITE” for you here.

You can search for this website by “the kutani ceramics website” or access to the site directly from the following URL  http://www.kutani.org/

The website’s main manager is Mr. Georges Bouvier (currently residing in France). He lived in Japan, and at that time he deepened his understanding of kutani, and since then he has come to Japan frequently to collect kutani itself and related information.

Finally, it takes a lot of effort and money to run this website of this big size, so if you use frequently, “the kutani ceramics website” hopes that you donate even a little.

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