Shimizu Bizan, brocade basket-typed bowl with bamboo

Shimizu Bizan  清水 美山

By drawing only bamboo patterns in black and gold, it creates a gorgeous, calm atmosphere and its design is excellent.

Shimizu Bizan was a master of using techniques such as gold blurring and elaborate and fine gold painting, so, this work is truly one by a master craftsman who used gold inside and outside.

Another point is that this work which seems to have a handle might be created by himself or offered creating a small bowl for putting earrings, tie pins, or candy. It is thought that it was exported as an accessory case (called a pin dish or basket in Europe and America).

size   width about 11.4cm   height about 10.2cm

condition   almost no peeling of gold, no chips and no repair

On the outside, it can be found that bamboos are stretched with a black contour line, which distinguishes clearly from the gold color while suppressing the gold color on the body blurred with gold. This bamboo seems one that has been planted at the front of house in Japan since ancient times, and it has been a subject of painting, reminding of sumi-e (black ink paintings).

On the other hand, bamboo is written in convex gold on the inside. This gorgeous gold-colored bamboo contrasts beautifully with the bamboo on the outside, and both look beautiful on the eyes.

This small bowl has a handle, but the handle has a shape that extends from both sides of an elliptical bowl in an arch shape and is connected at the apex, and a detailed pattern is drawn on the handle.

The bowl is thick, but the round foot is thin and slightly small. It seems that the bowl was formed like a basket.

The name “kutani / Bizan” was drawn small inside the foot. Most of Bizan’s name was this style of writing and indicates homemade (temporarily he managed his store “Shimizu Bizan-do”), while he used also name such as “Kaburagi made / Bizan painted”. This means that he was active as a painter.

About creator of this work

please see collection with the name “Bizan 美山” and his history

reference № 200226211B
date of exhibition April 21, 2020
buy & sell under consideration