Hatta Itsuzan, brocade accessory case with bird and flower

Hatta Itsuzan,  brocade accessory case with bird and flower

It is molded like a teacup water with a slightly large lid, and it is a well-shaped accessory case with excellent pattern and shape along with the lid. It seems that these small cases were used to put candy and bonbons in the Western countries.

Bird-and-flower painting is drawn in detail on the entire surface of the small body, including the lid, and the body and lid are decorated with patterns in brocade.

size  ;  body; diameter about 5.2 cm, height including lid about 10.3 cm  lid; diameter about 6 cm

condition  ;   good

The bird-and-flower painting, which was often seen in the export kutani in the early Meiji period, is drawn like a Japanese painting on the entire surface of a small body. A variety of paints are also used, and it is finished in the design unique to Meiji kutani.

The knob of the lid is shaped like a precious ball (*), and the surface is painted in brocade. The pattern of the lid is drawn so as to cover the main body and looks like zuiun (auspicious clouds). The combination of a jewel and a precious jewel represents the best of luck. It is unknown if people in the Western countries felt that meaning, but it is sure to be beautiful to the eyes.

* a precious ball that is said to create various treasures as people wish

The back name is written as ” Marunaka produced / Itsuzan painted”. Marunaka is Marunaka Magohei, one of the pioneering pottery merchants in the early and middle Meiji period. This work means a truly gem that was produced by Marunaka, who had captured the tastes of the Western countries, by asking Hatta Itsuzan to paint.

About creator of this work

please see “collection with the name “Itsuzan 逸山” and his history”

referense № 1911101A
date of exhibition September 28, 2020
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