collection of the works by Sasada Yuzan and his history

collection of the works by Sasada Yuzan

(1) gold and colors, a set of three bowls with shochikubai

Particularly this custom was created and a set of three bowls were gifted for celebration and commemoration. According to these bowls, they were decorated with prominent paintings or patterns in gold and various colors. (continued)


(2) colored bowl with a phoenix and pattern of chrysanthemum

The impression at the moment of seeking this work looks like the work of ko kutani. kutani gosai (five colors created in ko kutani is used evenly inside and outside the bowl, and phoenix, (continued)


(3) colored and gold cup & saucer with figure of a hunred persons

Sasada Yuzan created a cup and saucer with innumerable persons drawn on the eggshell body (eggshell type).  (continued)


About the creator of this work

Sasada Yuzan   born in 1840, died in 1914

Sasada Yuzan, who studied pottery painting from a young age, opened a painting factory at the age of 32 in 1872, and specialized in the painting business. Later, in 1878, he closed the factory, and after retraining at Ijun-sha, he became independent and resumed the pottery business.

It is said that many of Yuzan’s works were well decorated with gold, following Shimizu Bizan who developed the technique of mori-kin in 1882. As in 1877 Nomura Zenkichi began to write fine calligraphy on the inside of teacup, Yuzan, Shimizu Seikan, Akamaru Setsuzan, Hatta Itsuzan and others followed Nomura.

Yuzan had excellent painters such as Takeuchi Yasuhisa and Hatta Itsuzan among his disciples.