Sasada Yuzan, colored bowl with a phoenix and patterns

Sasada Yuzan, colored bowl with a phoenix and patterns

The impression at the moment of seeking this work looks like the work of ko kutani. kutani gosai (five colors created in ko kutani ; green, yellow, purple, blue and red) is used evenly inside and outside the bowl, and phoenix, chrysanthemum flowers, comb pattern in black zaffre, and treasure-filled on patterns are drawn. It shows a similar color to the works of Fujioka Iwahana-do in Kanazawa, where Sasada Yuzan worked on his creation.

size: diameter about 17.7 cm, height about 9.3 cm

The phoenix is painted in the blue of kutani gosai and then shaped in gold so that it can be seen flying with its wings spread in a circle. Around that, the red auspicious clouds with phoenix are floating.

The patterns by chrysanthemum connecting flowers, leaves and branches are drawn as an edge pattern, also the vertical lines of black zeffre painted in purple from above. Kutani gosai like ko kutani is reproduced, and the colors and styles are rare in Kanazawa kutani, where red paintings and brocade were fashioned at that time.

“Kinjo / Yuzan” is written in the double square on the back. “Kinjo” refers to Kanazawa, and Aoki Mokubei (painter, Kyo-yaki potter in the Edo period) used it for the first time as the back name of kutani which were produced at Kasugayama kiln of Kanazawa in the Edo period. It seems that Sasada wrote the back name “Kinjo” in connection with his continued production activities at Fujioka Iwaka-do in Kanazawa.

about the creator of this work

About the creator of this work, search for “Sasada Yuzan’s works on this web-site and his pottery history“.

reference № 2008151
date of exhibition September 30, 2020
buy & sell under consideration