Takada Ryozan, brocade plate with six interrelated designs in frames

Takada Ryozan   高田 嶺山

brocade plate with six interrelated designs drawn in six frames

size; diameter about 18.5cm, height about 2.5cm

An open fan-shaped frame is placed in the center of of the plate, and five frames are arranged around it. Persons and landscape are drawn in these frames. The designs are not so decorated, but the frames are filled with the detailed patterns in brocade, so the designs stand out.

Designs in the frames are drawn in three types of persons and the remaining three frames are landscape. The relationship between the persons and the landscape is unknown, but in two frames the appearance of Mt. Fuji is drawn, and the roof of the house drawn in another frame is shaped like Mt Fuji. Considering the aspects of plums and cherry blossoms in bloom, it looks as if imagining a famous place somewhere, or because the creator Takada was good at painting “story”, so as if expressing the scene of a story. In any case, the six designs seem to be interrelated.

The brocade patterns re drawn in detail and gorgeously. These patterns are heaped here and there in gold (mori-kin style), and other colors are also vivid.

The back name is written as “kutani / Takada made”. Looking at “Takada made”, it seems that the creator would like to show that his business expanded from painter to sales.

about the creator of this work

About the creator of this work, please search for “collection of Takada Ryozan’s works and his history“.

reference № 2003271A
date of exhibition October 3, 2020
buy & sell under consideration