Asai Ichimo, red and gold tea set with Chinese towers and landscape

Asai Ichimo

red and gold Japanese tea set with Chinese towers and landscape

This tea set includes a tea pot for tea leaves, a bowl for cooling hot water, and three teacups. Ichimo gained fame for his fine Chinese-style painting style learned from “Manuscript of Chinese poetry and ink painting” so, the style also appears in this work, and the technique suitable for being called a master of red fine painting can be seen.

size; tea pot horizontal diameter about 11.4 cm, vertical diameter about 9.9 cm, height about 7.1 cm bowl for cooling hot water horizontal diameter about 11.8 cm, vertical diameter about 8.4 cm, height about 4.6 cm teacup diameter about 9 cm height about 5.7 cm

On the side of tea pot with “yoko-te” handle (installed at a right angle to the spout), Chinese-style towers and palaces are drawn in red and gold in three large and small frames, and the spout, handle, and lid are each decorated in brocade. Along with the style of fine painting, the delicacy of the thin body can be felt.


The same Chinese \-style buildings as tea pot are drawn on the side of the bowl, and it is thin. Particularly, looking at the decoration of chrysanthemum crest with the 16 petals, which was the emblem representing the emperor and the imperial family, it certainly seems that Ichimo was in and out of the royal family in Kyoto.


The back names are “kutani / Ichimo” on the bowl and “Kutani / Sosentei-zo (相鮮亭造)” on the bottom of the tea cups but no back name is written on tea pot. The legend about the back name “Sosentei (相鮮亭) is two, one is that the back name was given by court noble Nijo in 1866, other is that it was given by Maeda Toshika, the 14th (last) of the Daishoji feudal lord.

About creator of this work

About the creator of the work, please search for “collection of Asai Ichimo and his history”.

reference № 2006172
date of exhibition October 6, 2020
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