about purchasing

The number of Meiji kutani collected is about 150, but since the collecting is originally intended for research, some pieces were not kept for a long time and sold to those who wished them at a reasonable price (near cost). Also, other pieces currently displayed on web-gallery will be sold in response to the wishes of those who would like to keep them at hand and appreciate them.

If you wish to purchase some pieces, please contact the gallery from the “Inquiry”. You could refer to the “purchase procedure” below and buy some pieces except for the pieces marked “sold out” or “during negotiation”. In addition, please feel free to ask questions and opinions about exhibition on this website or general contents.

purchase procedure

  1. Please make sure that you have a Japanese Yahoo Auction ID and that the place where you want to deliver the item is in Japan.
  2. Please let us know about the piece you want to purchase using the “Inquiry”. If the desired price is not displayed by the gallery, please let us know your desired price.
  3. You and the gallery will confirm and decide the price, shipping cost (generally paid by the highest bidder), etc.
  4. The gallery will sell pieces in the sales format “flea market (fixed price)” of Yahoo Auction at the exact selling date and time.
  5. At Yahoo Auction you will promptly make a successful bid for it and then we proceed with the transaction according to the trading procedure of Yahoo Auction.

November 10, 2020

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