Akiyama Komajiro colored and gold plate with dancing people

Akiyama Komajiro  秋山 駒次郎

colored and gold plate with dancing people

size ; diameter about 18.8 cm height about 2.6 cm

condition: it has a crack of the hairline of about 3 cm on the diagonally upper right edge.

It is a plate with a rare design. Its composition is made up of only people who dance in a circle to fit the round shape of the plate. Probably this design was hard to see in kutani even in the latter half of the Meiji period, but it is an interesting subject whether it was born from the creator’s own idea.

The creator took up not only flowers and birds but also various things he saw in his daily life, and they were as novel as genre paintings, which were mirrors of the times.

The dancers wrap themself in various kimonos and wear a hat or headgear, but they probably look like entertainers because of how they wear the kimonos. Some patterns which can be seen in their kimonos are fine.

10 dancers in kimono are drawn and 10 people have 10 colors, but it seems that they seem to display a series of dancing form. This seems to be the creator’s intention to give the painting a sense of dynamism.

The back name “kutani / made by Akiyama” is written inside the foot of this work. We can see also “Akiyama-do” and “Akiyama Komajiro Shoten (store)”. (see below)

about the creator

About the creator of this work, please search for “collection by Akiyama Komajiro and his history”.

reference № 2011111A
date of exhibition Nobember 23, 2020
buy & sell under consideration