Hatta Itsuzan, brocade creamer & pot with many decorative panels

Hatta Itsuzan 八田 逸山

brocade creamer & pot with many decorative panels

size : creamer width (maximum) about 9.8 cm  height (max.) about 10.8 cm pot; width (max.) about 12.4 cm  height (max.) about 10.4 cm

condition ; excellent

On the entire surface of the two pieces, small panels of various shapes are partitioned in brocade, and paintings of figures, flowers and birds, and landscape are finely drawn on the white ground. The contrast between gold and white is vivid.

In Western countries, coffee and tea, which had been drunk for a long time, were accompanied by milk and sugar, so light and durable creamers and sugar pots were popular products in Meiji kutani along with cups and saucers. The pottery merchants commissioned master craftsmen to create more delicate and brilliantly finished works and exported them to Western countries.

These pieces have an unprecedented number of panels (39 in total) in various shapes. Furthermore, it is unclear whether scenes in the story is drawn or the waka poem is decorated with pictures, but different designs of figures, birds and flowers, and landscapes are inserted in the 39 panels.

The high skill of the master craftsman can be seen in this brocade pattern. Seeing the irregularly connected detailed patterns drawn without any disturbance, it makes me feel the skill of being called a master craftsman of kinrande(金襴手).

The back name is written as “kutani / Itsuzan-do (堂)”. Looking at name of “do”, it is possible that he was engaged in a wider range of independent production activities than the previous “Itsuzan painted (画)”.

* “Do” (堂) means a building where many people gather. It is used by attaching it to the name of the store, the pen name, the name of the building, etc.

about the creator of this work

please see collection with the name “Itsuzan逸山” and his history.

reference № 2011112A
date of exhibition November 27, 2020
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